Арбитраж как способ разрешения инвестиционных споров с Кыргызской Республикой Раздел
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Кыргызская Республика уже приняла участие в нескольких арбитражных разбирательствах. Поэтому есть смысл проанализировать… причины и последствия арбитражных споров и сделать соответствующие выводы.

Обзор антикоррупционного законодательства Кыргызской Республики,
Сравнительный обзор антикоррупционного законодательства в Экономическом пространстве СНГ, 2011,
The CIS Leading Council Network.

Что должен знать иностранец о налоговом режиме Кыргызской Республике?
Таймс оф Сентрал Эйжа, публикация ожидается.

Кыргызстан не является оффшорной зоной и не предоставляет полное освобождение от налогов, но ставки многих из них действительно невысоки.

Personal scholarship named after Gulnara A. Kalikova

Personal scholarship named after Gulnara A. Kalikova


We are thrilled to announce the establishment of the special scholarship for the AUCA IBL students initiated by Kalikova & Associates, one of the largest and leading law firms in the Kyrgyz Republic.


The scholarship is established by the current shareholders and team members of Kalikova & Associates law firm in recognition of its founder, Ms. Gulnara A. Kalikova, an eminent and respected lawyer in the Kyrgyz Republic. Ms. Gulnara A. Kalikova holds a PhD in Jurisprudence, is the first-ever Kyrgyz citizen to receive an academic degree from Harvard Law School, author of many articles and analytical notes in the field of law, state governance, economics and education. Ms. Gulnara A. Kalikova is a prominent example of a self-made woman leader, who has achieved personal and professional success. In addition to a flawless career in the legal profession, Ms. Gulnara A. Kalikova is known for her philanthropy, social and environmental activism, mentorship and comprehensive support to the growing generation of young professionals.


Scholarship amount: $100 a month


Payout period: 9 academic months (5 months for 2021-2022 Scholarship starting January 2022) without the right for further renewal and is paid on a monthly basis until the tenth of each month from September to May inclusive.


Selection criteria: Applicants for the Scholarship should be citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic who are 2–4-year students of the AUCA IBL department and meet the following selection criteria:

·        High academic performance (especially in legal subjects), cumulative average grade (GPA) should be not less than 3.0

·        Active participation in the public life of IBL department and/or university (volunteering experience will be an advantage)

·        Participation in academic/student conferences, publications, as well as work in legal clinics, courts game and/or internships in the field of jurisprudence are encouraged


* Applications from students from regions and/or low-income families are encouraged.


Selection stages: The Scholarship Competition is held once a year from April 1 to April 30. The competition consists of the following stages:

·        Acceptance of applications and necessary documents from applicants for the Scholarship

·        Interview with shortlisted Scholarship applicants.


The Scholarship Committee will consist of the following:

·        a dean/deputy dean of the AUCA IBL department

·        a representative of Kalikova & Associates

·        Gulnara A. Kalikova or a member of her family


The Scholarship Committee will collect and verify documents, interview candidates, and make a decision on the award of Scholarship. The Scholarship will be awarded annually to one IBL student.


Scholarship for the 2021-2022 academic year: The Scholarship Competition for the 2021-2022 academic year will be held from November 10 to December 15, 2021. To participate in the competition for the Scholarship please send the following documents in PDF format to office@ka.legal by November 30, 2021 (cc: law@auca.kg) indicating in the subject line “Personal scholarship named after Gulnara A. Kalikova”:

·        Free form motivation letter

·        CV

·        Copy of the transcript

·        One recommendation letter from a professor

·        Other additional documents are optional (e.g. articles, conference presentations, etc.)


Important dates:

·        November 10 - start of accepting applications for the Scholarship

·        November 30 - deadline for submission of the application for the Scholarship

·        December 1-12 - screening applications, compiling a short list of applicants, interviewing short-listed applicants

·        December 15 - announcement of the results of the competition for the Scholarship on the websites and/or pages in social networks of the AUCA (www.auca.kg) and/or Kalikova & Associates (www.k-a.kg)


** The scholarship for the 2021-2022 academic year will be awarded for a period of 5 academic months without the right to further renewal and will be paid on a monthly basis until the tenth day of each month, from January to May 2022, inclusive.





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