Arbitration as the Method of Settlement of Investment Disputes against the Kyrgyz Republic
AKIpress Analytics section, March 19, 2013

The Kyrgyz Republic has already participated in several arbitration proceedings. Therefore, it might be reasonable to analyze peculiarities of legal regulation of arbitration in the KR, the causes and consequences of arbitration disputes and make relevant conclusions…

What risks foreign investors should take into account while investing into the Kyrgyz mining sector,
The Times of Central Asia, March 1, 2012.

Overview of Anti-Corruption Laws in Kyrgyz Republic,
Comparative Summary of Anti-Corruption Laws in the CIS Economic Region, 2011,
The CIS Leading Council Network.

What a foreigner should know about tax regime in the Kyrgyz Republic?
The Times of Central Asia, publication expected.

Kyrgyzstan is not an offshore zone and does not provide tax exemptions, but the rates of many of them are not very high.

5. Who is exempt from the requirement to obtain work permit?

Pursuant to the Kyrgyz law the requirement to obtain the work permit does not apply to the following persons: ­

- Persons who have official refugee status or political asylum in the Kyrgyz Republic; ­
- Permanent residents of the Kyrgyz Republic; ­
- Persons who travel to the Kyrgyz Republic to supervise the installation of technological equipment which has been supplied by foreign companies; ­
- Students undertaking internships within the programs of Kyrgyz educational institutions and working during the school breaks; ­
- Persons working in diplomatic and consular missions, or with international organizations accredited by the Kyrgyz Republic; ­
- Foreign correspondents and journalists accredited by the Kyrgyz Republic; ­
- Persons subject to other employment requirements in accordance with international treaties; ­
- Ethnic Kyrgyz who have been granted status of returnee.

Accordingly, in connection with accession of the Kyrgyz Republic to the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), starting from August 12, 2015 citizens of the EEU member states (the Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Armenia) are not required to obtain work permits to work on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic in the framework of an international treaty.



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