Arbitration as the Method of Settlement of Investment Disputes against the Kyrgyz Republic
AKIpress Analytics section, March 19, 2013

The Kyrgyz Republic has already participated in several arbitration proceedings. Therefore, it might be reasonable to analyze peculiarities of legal regulation of arbitration in the KR, the causes and consequences of arbitration disputes and make relevant conclusions…

What risks foreign investors should take into account while investing into the Kyrgyz mining sector,
The Times of Central Asia, March 1, 2012.

Overview of Anti-Corruption Laws in Kyrgyz Republic,
Comparative Summary of Anti-Corruption Laws in the CIS Economic Region, 2011,
The CIS Leading Council Network.

What a foreigner should know about tax regime in the Kyrgyz Republic?
The Times of Central Asia, publication expected.

Kyrgyzstan is not an offshore zone and does not provide tax exemptions, but the rates of many of them are not very high.

24 October 2013

As part of its initiative to support the development of the new generation of legal professionals K&A announces its annual scholarship program among students of law schools. The Firm offers 3 K&A Scholarships of 10,000 soms each and an opportunity to undergo up to 3 months of internship at Kalikova & Associates.

More information about the program you may find by the following link.

27 September 2013

On September 27, 2013, Maksim Smirnov, Partner and Aleksei Vandaev, Senior Associate took part in the conference on protection of intellectual property in Russia organized by the Russian Business Forum.

The conference was devoted to the topical issues in protecting intellectual property in Russia, legislative developments, cases of judicial practice in the field of trademark protection, complex strategies for organizing the trademark protection system and patent policy.

26 September 2013

Ulan Tilenbaev, Managing Partner, participated in the conference on Infrastructure & New Energy Sector of Kyrgyzstan held on September 26, 2013 at Hyatt Hotel.

The conference consisted of three sessions addressing the following subjects: improving municipal and environmental infrastructure services; improving rural infrastructure as a matter of top priority; and latest developments in the renewable energy sector.

Ulan Tilenbaev made a presentation on «Legal Framework for Hydro Power Sector in Kyrgyzstan” focusing on the legal and regulatory aspects of hydropower sector in the Kyrgyz Republic and the problems faced by the sector, such as tariff policy and regulation.

24 September 2013

On September 23 – 24, 2013, K&A team took part in the training on professional skills of lawyers in private practice. The main purpose of the training was mastering of the specific lawyer’s skills lying outside the legal knowledge. The training program covered issues dedicated to client-oriented approach to the practice of law, building effective communication, development of skills and techniques of legal negotiations and formalizing agreements.

Training was conducted by an expert, author and host of unique specialized seminars, training for managers and employees of the legal departments for the management of practice of law and the development of professional skills of lawyers.

01 September 2013

Kalikova & Associates  law firm would like to announce that on September 1, 2013 Alexander Ahn and Marina Lim were appointed Kalikova & Associates partners.

Alexander Ahn is the Head of the Banking, Microfinance & Insurance Practice Group at Kalikova & Associates. Alexander possesses rich experience advising foreign and local clients on various legal issues in the banking & microfinance area pertaining to corporate issues, loan and security perfection, capital increase and Internet banking. Alexander graduated from Osh State University and attended the Master’s degree program at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

Marina Lim is in charge of the Construction & Real Estate Practice Group at Kalikova & Associates and handles all aspects of real estate transactions in virtually all major real estate sectors. Marina has been advising at all phases of construction and development, including land use, financing and development management. Marina graduated from Kyrgyz State National University.

31 July 2013

On July 31, 2013 K&A lawyers took part in the public forum on "The Future of Mining in Kyrgyzstan" organized by the Central Asian Free Market Institute (CAFMI). The main purpose of the forum was to discuss the current situation in the mining industry, the government policy and plans and recommendations for developing the mining industry.

K&A Lawyer Jyldyz Tagaeva made a presentation on "Recommendations for improvement of Kyrgyz mining law", addressing the gaps and inconsistencies in the current mining law and offering recommendations for improvements in the legislation.

The participants of the forum shared their opinions and suggestions for the development of the mining industry in general.

05 July 2013

The K&A team congratulates its colleague Murat Madykov on his successful enrolment in Harvard Law School.

Dear Murat, congratulations!

03 July 2013

Social responsibility is one of our values. K&A aims to participate in public life and support socially relevant initiatives.

Thus K&A co-funded the 75th Anniversary Chess Championship of the Kyrgyz Republic for adults with the participation of more than 80 chess-players in different categories.

K&A was one of the sponsors of the perspective project Startup Weekend Osh 2013, which was held in Osh on June 28-30. The purpose of the project was to help the young entrepreneurs to implement their startup business ideas. The event was attended by successful entrepreneurs who have shared their experiences on how to build and launch businesses.

The K&A team congratulates all winners!

25 June 2013

On June 25, 2013 K&A lawyer Albina Rakhmidinova attended a training devoted to arbitration agreements that was organized by the International Court of Arbitration under the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic and the National Law Corporation.

The training discussed such issues as how to determinate the proper order and method for settling disputes, how to formulate arbitration agreements for transactions and how to determine the limits of the arbitrators’ powers.

In addition, by working in a small groups the training’s participants had an opportunity to share their practical experience in drafting arbitration agreements for various types of transactions and gained new knowledge and skills.

21 June 2013

Since June 2013 K&A has been a member of the “Association of members to assist the development of arbitration”. The first meeting of the Association’s members was held in Moscow, June 20. Senior lawyer Nurbek Sabirov took part in the meeting.

The Association was established in the Russian Federation on May 2013 with support from law firms and advocates in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic. The main purpose of the Association is to assist the development of arbitration in the CIS countries and to promote Russian and foreign arbitrators with an interest in arbitration.



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